Regain Your Confidence: Feel Stunning at Any Age

There is a common misconception in our world today that confidence and youth go hand-in-hand. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While growing older may have certain side effects that can make us all feel less confident, it doesn’t mean that it needs to bring you down. There are many ways that you can regain your confidence and get back to feeling like your “young self” at any age. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Remember health starts from within. If you want to feel younger, sexier and more energetic you need to take care of your body—after all, we only have one. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water and make sure you are eating a balanced, healthy diet. These are all holistic, natural approaches that will keep you feeling young and healthy on the inside and looking young and rejuvenated on the outside.
  • Don’t exercise to try to get the body you had 30 years ago, exercise to look and feel your best. Find a form of exercise that you actually enjoy doing so you will stick with it and make it part of your routine. Exercising regularly can help you feel better, have more energy and of course, manage your weight. When you have that natural boost of energy that comes with regular workouts, chances are you won’t be able to help but feel more confident in your own skin.
  • Don’t stress. If you are one of those people that just can’t help but stress about everything, then it is time to stop. Stress is your enemy when it comes to feeling healthy. It can lower your libido, it can make you feel tired, bloated and even depressed—all things that do not sound or make you feel confident at all. Stress can also have a major impact on your skin. It can lead to dark, unsightly circles around your eyes, cause wrinkles and overall make your skin look unhealthy.
  • Talk to your doctor. Many older adults are uncomfortable about discussing their sexuality with their health care provider, but it is an important part of your overall health and can affect how you feel about yourself. Discuss keeping your pelvic muscles healthy with Kegels or other pelvic exercises and don’t be afraid to bring up topics such as vaginal dryness or erectile dysfunction. Your doctor is there to help guide you through every part of your overall health and sexual health is part of this. When you have better sexual health, it makes it easy to feel confident and sexy.
  • Remember, age is just a number. Just because you are aging, doesn’t mean you have to feel less great about yourself. If you can drop the mental notion that part of aging is feeling less confident, then you will find it is much easier to embrace your confident self.


It’s all about how you feel that makes you great, so start taking these tips to heart so you can look and feel as confident as possible. Make an appointment with one of our staff members at Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics today to discuss how we can help you feel your sexiest utilizing our specialized services.

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