Have Your Pie and Your Six Pack Too With CoolSculpting

The holiday season is right around the corner, which means it’s time for fun, family, holiday parties, and of course, a lot of eating! For so many people, the holidays present a huge challenge when it comes to maintaining their physique. Big special meals, libations, holiday treats, and seasonal gatherings can all make it difficult to stick to your normal diet and exercise plan. But what if you could have your pie and your six-pack, too?

It isn’t just a pipedream, it can be possible thanks to the advancements of CoolSculpting.

If you aren’t already familiar with CoolScultping, then you may be surprised to find that this powerful, effective treatment is designed to freeze away fat so your body naturally deposits any unwanted fat—especially in difficult areas such as your midsection. This system was created specifically with stubborn fat in mind and created to help you lose inches without leaving you feeling like you have to sacrifice your favorite Thanksgiving pie.

This non-invasive fat-reduction procedure can help contour your body with no surgery and no downtime. While it doesn’t mean you can have pie for every single meal, it will help you get rid of that unwanted fat so you can look your best and so your six pack can shine through, even during the difficult holiday season.

If you want to get rid of stubborn bulges and pesky love handles for good, then CoolSculpting could be just for you. Plus, getting started is easy. All you need to do is schedule a consultation so you can meet face-to-face with a CoolScuplting clinician to discuss your approach to reshaping your body and to work to find specific areas you want to target where you can eliminate fat. This procedure is designed with customization in mind and can be tailored to fit your individual body type.

With the holiday season fast approaching, there is no better time to give CoolSculpting a try. After your procedure, while others are just starting to pack on the holiday pounds, you will start to notice fat dripping away every day, as your body gets to work eliminating those frozen fat cells. Now, you can finally rest at ease about your waistline during this time of year, as you continue to eat portioned treats all holiday long and regain your svelte waistline and flat abs once and for all.

It doesn’t just stop with your waistline either. CoolSculpting can help get rid of excess arm fat, thigh fat and even that pesky double chin.

This holiday season, while you’re out shopping for gifts for your friends and family, make sure to also do something special for yourself and consider CoolSculpting. We have highly-trained CoolSculpting clinicians right here at Heritage Family Medicine and Aesthetics that will walk you through the entire process and help you get the specific results you are looking for. Call our office today at 972-234-3299 to schedule your consultation so you can see exactly what CoolSculpting can do for you. Now go ahead, and pick out your holiday pie. You will definitely be able to have a guilt-free slice this season!

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