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Abdominal Pain is pain felt anywhere from below your ribs to your pelvis. We see and treat many different types of abdominal pain at Make You Well, and can help to figure out a proper diagnosis at our Richardson offices. Abdominal pain, or stomach pain, can be mild or severe. This is because the abdomen houses many different organs, including your stomach, liver, pancreas, small and large bowel, and reproductive organs. There are also major blood vessels in the abdomen.

Most people experience abdominal discomfort or pain at some point in their lives. Abdominal pain (sometimes called stomach ache or bellyache) is usually felt in the part of the trunk below the ribs, above the pelvis and the groin. It can range in intensity from a mild ache to severe, disabling pain. While abdominal pain isn’t normal, it isn’t necessarily serious, and it often
resolves itself. 

But certain forms of abdominal pain may indicate a serious health condition, so it’s important to recognize the signs that may indicate you have an underlying problem requiring medical attention, which can be received at Make You Well in Richardson. The providers at MYW may order abdominal X-ray or labs to help rule out some medical conditions. Some abdominal conditions require IV fluids for hydration and IV medications, which Make You Well is able to provide our patients. 

Abdominal pain may take several different forms. In addition to how severe it is, abdominal pain can be described in the following ways: Generalized Pain. This refers to pain felt in more than half of your abdominal area, and is typical of stomach viruses, indigestion, or gas as the cause of your pain. Localized Pain: This refers to pain felt in just one area of your abdomen, and is typical of a problem with an organ like your stomach, appendix, or gallbladder as the cause of your pain. Cramping. This type of pain come and goes, or changes in its severity or perceived position in your abdomen. Cramping is rarely serious and is typical of gas, passing a stool, or menstruation as the cause of your pain. It’s typical of kidney stones or gallstones as the cause of your pain. It’s important to call a provider at Make You Well in Richardson if your abdominal pain is so severe that you can’t move without feeling more pain, or sit still in a comfortable position.

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